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NAN bills Ontario $127 million

Tuesday June 26, 2012
NAN Grand Chief Stan Beardy in front of the invoice that NAN gave to Ontario.

Nishnawbe Aski Nation has invoiced Ontario for $127 million for benefits derived from natural resources extracted from its territories.

“Over the course of 100 years since the James Bay Treaty was signed, where we agreed to share the land and its resources, our share of the government of Ontario’s revenues collected from resources on our lands amounts to well to over $32 billion,” said Deputy Grand Chief Les Louttit on June 26. “We are just here to drop off the invoice for the annuity on this amount and this represents only partial payment.”

NAN commissioned Dr. Fred Lazar of the Schulich School of Business to report on resource revenue in the NAN region over the past 100 years.

“My understanding of Treaties 5 and 9 is that all revenues generated from the lands covered by these treaties were to be shared – there was no surrender involved,” Lazar said. “The NAN First Nations have never been given their share, nor has the province ever offered the compensation owing or has offered to sit down with the NAN First Nations chiefs to negotiate a revenue sharing agreement, an agreement that is over a century overdue.”

The report indicated NAN was owed revenue for lost revenues from 1911 to 2011, current annual revenues based on annual resources collected by Ontario and future incremental annual revenues on new resource projects.

The annual billing invoice is calculated over 100 years at current day values and represents only a portion of the $32 billion owed.

The NAN chiefs passed a resolution in May authorizing NAN to set up a negotiation committee to negotiate a resource-revenue sharing agreement on behalf of all NAN First Nations.

“Before we move forward with any new partnerships, we have some outstanding debts owed to us,” said Grand Chief Stan Beardy. “We are sending a strong message to the province that we would rather hand over the dignity of the struggle than to sign a deal our people cannot live with. They were signatories on the James Bay Treaty, which outlined a sharing component for land and resources. They have broken the treaty promises. We owe it to our future generations that we don’t have another historic swindle on our hands."

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I'd love to se their faces!

I'd love to se their faces! May NAN should consider drafting an Impact Benefit Agreement as well,with the foot note that it's time to pay the rent.

This is just silly. Will NAN

This is just silly. Will NAN do nothing till paid in full. Looks like another excuse to do nothing, no wonder communities have to work on thing for themselves, these collectives prefer to play games.

There has certainly been a

There has certainly been a total lack of implementation of all historic agreements, the treaties between First Nations and the Crown. These outdated provincial laws on natural resources, i.e. Ontario Mining Act unilaterally made 2011 amendments, raise serious issues. Needless to say the poverty First Nations have experienced by Canada and Ontario exercising mutual and exclusive powers over our Aboriginal Title and Rights Territory has been equal tobeing a slave to our homeland. This colonialism impact and result is poverty, suicide, drug addiction and family violence. We have the power to really challenge Canada economically by having our rights recognized and affirmed. Not by modifying and not asserting them according to the existing policies and agreements worked out today.

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