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Dinosaurs arrive in Wunnumin Lake

Thursday May 3, 2012
Connie Winnipetonga watches her robot follow the black line.

Photos by Pauline Littledeer/Special to Wawatay News
Martin Angees smiles like the real shark jaw he is holding up.

Photos by Pauline Littledeer/Special to Wawatay News
Jonah Spence poses with Smilodon - a Sabre tooth tiger replica.

Photos by Pauline Littledeer/Special to Wawatay News

From April 16-27, the students of Lydia Lois Beardy Memorial School experienced hands-on learning courtesy of an organization called Elephant Thoughts.

Facilitators Christine Carr and Ashley Green presented workshops varying from Dinosaurs to Robots, engaging students by bringing real fossils and robotics to the class.
The workshops included Dinosaurs, Rocks/Minerals, Robots and Electricity. The experience and learning provided was truly ‘electrifying’.

The workshops are based on Ontario’s Science and Mathematics curriculum, furthering their understanding of the concepts being taught to them in their everyday classes. Tailored to each grade’s learning level, the students were engaged throughout the workshops with real items such as a dinosaur egg (fossilized of course).

During the robotics class, students created their own robots using a computer to program various tasks for their robots to perform. After-school programming included games of laser tag. One student said “It was awesome! I liked it”.

Doug St. Laurent, Principal of L.L.B.M.S, hopes that “it sparks their curiosity of possible career choices for their future”.

This was St. Laurent’s second year participating in this program. He called the program “a unique opportunity for the students in the north to experience what students in urban centers may take for granted.”

The program brings access to many unique science materials that the school does not have, St. Laurent said.

For Carr and Green, working with Elephant Thoughts has been a learning experience as well. Every workshop has presented challenges and opportunities to make the student’s learning even better. This was the pair’s first time visiting the community of Wunnumin Lake. Elephant thoughts is located in Collingwood, Ont. For more information on workshops they offer, check out their website:

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