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A spring day in Nibinamik

Thursday April 26, 2012

It was one of the first days of spring, and goose hunting was on everyone’s mind in Nibinamik.

Geese had been spotted flying from the south for the first time that morning. Hunters were ready, taking skidoos out on the still-frozen lake to their blinds across the water.

Meanwhile boats and canoes stood at the ready along the shoreline, waiting for the last of the ice to melt away.

At the Nibinamik school, even the students were thinking hunting. With only two days of classes left until their spring hunting break, students in all grades were getting excited to go out with their parents and grandparents to the blinds in the bush.

And when school let out, the children were right outside to play in the spring sunshine.

6 photos.
Troyden Sakanee shows off his moves on his BMX bike.

Photo by Shawn Bell/Wawatay News
The school bus lets off some students, just two days before their spring hunting break.

Photo by Shawn Bell/Wawatay News
Hunters and fishermen have their boats at the ready, waiting for the last of the spring ice to melt. On this day, however, the ice came in handy as hunters on skidoos headed out to the blinds across the lake after geese.

Photo by Shawn Bell/Wawatay News
Teacher Hazel Ash shows a group of grade 7 and 8 students some of the traditional bead work and stitching during culture class. The students are Hannah Sophea, Darien Beardy, Jamaal Waboos and Dawna Wabasse.

Photo by Shawn Bell/Wawatay News
Nibinamik’s Anglican Church is a fine example of the wooden construction most homes in the community are built out of.

Photo by Shawn Bell/Wawatay News
Nibinamik’s new subdivision, Six Nations, named for the six houses that were first built. Downtown Summer Beaver is in the distance.

Photo by Shawn Bell/Wawatay News

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