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Sandy Lake exacts revenge

Thursday March 1, 2012
photos by Brent Wesley/
Special to Wawatay News

Sandy Lake celebrates their 10-1 victory over Lac Seul in midget A-side final action Feb. 19 in Sioux Lookout during the Little Bands Native Youth Hockey Tournament.
photos by Brent Wesley/
Special to Wawatay News

The Kasabonika Eagles are A-side bantam champions of the 2012 Little Bands Native Youth Hockey Tournament in Sioux Lookout. Kasabonika defeated Sachigo 4-1.

It wasn’t even close. Four quick goals early in the first period. It would have been enough.

In a fourth attempt to defeat Lac Seul in midget A-side finals at the Little Bands Native Youth Hockey Tournament, Sandy Lake finally did good. The team skated to an easy 10-1 rout of Lac Seul to claim top spot. The excitement was evident for the Sandy Lake players as they celebrated each goal with unbridled, youthful enthusiasm. Lac Seul had eased past all their opponents in the six-day tournament in Sioux Lookout. But Sandy Lake came to play right from the start, leaving Lac Seul wondering what went wrong.

It was the fourth straight time the two communities met in the midget final, but this time around, Sandy Lake proved to be too much, putting together a solid team effort, backed by strong goaltending.

The annual tournament featured over 400 players from 36 teams from First Nations in the Sioux Lookout area.

In bantam A-side action, Kasabonika beat Sachigo Lake, while Sandy Lake also won A-side championships in the peewee and novice division. Lac Seul won the atom A-side championship.

A-side winners
Midget - Sandy Lake
Bantam - Kasabonika
Peewee - Sandy Lake
Atom - Lac Seul
Novice - Sandy Lake

B-side winners
Midget - Sachigo Lake
Bantam - Wunnumin Lake
Peewee - Lac Seul
Atom - Sachigo Lake

C-side winners
Midget - Bearskin Lake
Bantam - Kingfisher Lake
Peewee - Pikangikum
Atom - Sandy Lake

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I really admire the famous

I really admire the famous quote that's still going around today in our community. After the game, someone from Lac Seul was waiting outside of our dressing room, and told us, "That was just ugly. You know, just because you have 'Lac Seul' written on the front of your jersey, doesn't mean you're gonna win. You still have to show up, pass, skate, score, and play hockey. Sandy Lake deserves to win. They wanted it more than you."

Now of course, we were missing some key players that game. But that's no excuse.

... Should've won the Bantam and Midget A-side championships ...

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