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Missing Keewaywin teen found dead

Wednesday November 11, 2009

The body of a missing 17-year-old Keewaywin youth has been found floating in the McIntyre Floodway near the McIntyre Centre.

Thunder Bay Police reported the discovery of a Native male in his late teens Nov. 10 after a man walking along a path along the Floodway spotted the body floating near the railway trestle bridge adjacent to the rear of the McIntyre Centre.

Kyle Morriseau was first reported missing Oct. 30 by Thunder Bay Police, who stated at the time he was last seen Oct. 26 near DFC.

Thunder Bay Police later reported that he had been seen at two other locations in Thunder Bay.

Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School held a gathering Nov. 11 to break the news to Morriseau's fellow students.

Nishnawbe Aski Nation Grand Chief Stan Beardy, NAN Deputy Grand Chief Terry Waboose, KO education director Goyce Kakegamic, Keewaywin Chief Joe Meekis, and Northern Nishnawbe Education Council reps were in attendance at the assembly.

A crisis team was also at the school all afternoon to help students cope with the news of Morriseau's death.

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Isnt it suprising everytime

Isnt it suprising everytime Astudent goes missing that they find them in the water! No Its not suprising to me, I said to my husband that when i heard him missing that there was no way they were going to find him, and they were going to find him in Water just like the rest of the students who reportedly are found dead from drowning after I guess intonxication? This is rediculus its going to keep happening over and over because the police do not care to investigate more to what REALLY Happened! Look at the past how many body's they have found in the water, Its frustrating beacause we are humans and we are people too, and someone who did this should be locked up for the rest of their lives!!!!!

thats just sad

thats just sad

  Now to the First


Now to the First Nation Communities. Can we petition to the First Nation Assembly to request a service which will try to prevent any more losses of our young people who attend high school out of the reserves. One idea is to set up a street patrol to support the parents, boarding parents, and who ever may be involved with the youth. There has to be individuals who are compassionate, passionate, and committed in keeping our youth safe and protected. 


I'd like to know what is

I'd like to know what is wrong with DFC? and why has Goyce Kakegamic acted like he is not related to Kyle Morrisseau? He is his Uncle. How come he has not made it known that he, his wife and his son all work at that school?

 There is something very fishy going on here...the police and reporters need to investigate further.

Tbay Police wont do

Tbay Police wont do anything...alot of racist cops on the force. to them, "its just another indian gone, many more to go".  thats what their view of us is, some help they are. or its probably one of their own that are doing this to us..

This is sad, and take a

This is sad, and take a stand and say no more.  Our young people come here for their education, as adults/peers we need to do our part to support and encourage.  I will be organizing a group of volunteers to patrol on foot and vehicles, please email me your name and contact info, we will be meeting soon to get some training.  Meegwetch.

sir, what is your name?

sir, what is your name? please leave your name and email address

The person who is organizing

The person who is organizing to partrol on foot and vehicles. "email me your name and contact into"  Where do we contact you then?

The person who is organizing

The person who is organizing to partrol on foot and vehicles. Where do we contact you then? student at dennis franklin cromarty high school

=( I Miss Him Sooo

=( I Miss Him Sooo Much...Its Been 3 Months Since I've Last Seen Kyle In Keewaywin....Its Hard Knowing Hes Gone...Not Being Able TO See Him At His House Anymore=( Goshh..We Miss Him And We Love Him....Throughout Everything...

it's painful losing someone

it's painful losing someone so close to you, when you lose someone real close to you it feels like your the one who want's to be up in the sky and you'd do anything just to see that person once again it hurt's trust me, i been throught that when i lost my brother which he was my best friend too. i trusted him with everything and anything but now that he's gone, i'ma do whats best for me and the things he wanted me to do later on in life just to make him proud and to change what i am it hurt's losing an older brother, it doesn't feel right without my brother around, me and my sisters, brothers we miss him so much, i spend some time thinking each night before i sleep, wondering what well ever happen to me in a year or two, so you gotta do something before you end up pulling another body out of the rivers and please make it fast, don't want to feel like this anymore.

To All the  Nishnawbe

To All the  Nishnawbe Leaders & All  First Nation Chief & Councils,  Crees, Oji-Crees, Ojibway and so on of Turtle Island  listen to the young voices.

Do you need to be remained, serve, you were elected to do so. 

I, thank you ahead of time if you had time to read this part. 

i'll miss my brother in my

i'll miss my brother in my heart :(

missin ' kyle every single

missin ' kyle every single day . not a single day goes by i dont think of him . forever always , in my heart

he was really nice guy in his

he was really nice guy in his family.the good 1 guy.i talked to him many times on the phone.really good ppl never live long.he was really nice and good guy.

its sad to see how many dfc

its sad to see how many dfc students found dead everytime they come to school here ... what if this were a white person, would the cops have really been investigatin to see what this cause was .. do they care more about there ppl than the natives? ... we are human too and we have rights!

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